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The Differences Between FreshUp and Brand Operators in Business Operations

Nowadays, vending machines are constantly evolving, with different types of vending machines having their own advantages and characteristics. This blog will compare the differences between FreshUp vending machines and brand operators' vending machines.

1. Brand Product

Brand operators mostly sell their own products, with few newer or lesser-known brand products. In addition, the variety of products sold is relatively limited, with only frozen canned or bottled drinks and smaller snacks available. In contrast, FreshUp’s vending machines can accommodate a diverse range of products, including hot and cold drinks, soup dumplings, daily necessities, and even accessories, all of which can be sold in the vending machine. FreshUp has different machine models to support the safety and quality of various products, providing customers with more convenient vending machine services, and satisfying multiple needs with one machine.

2. Flexible Operation

In addition to the aforementioned product or brand selection issues, brand operators cannot provide customers with custom vending machine bodies or advertising services, making it difficult for clients to promote their businesses. In contrast, FreshUp has advertising services, where clients can customize flat advertisements on the machine body, as well as provide multimedia advertisements on electronic screens to promote their brand and business, with great flexibility.

3. Machine Model Selection

As for the machine models, brand operators vending machine model selection is relatively single, and the payment methods only accept cash and Octopus, which is inconvenient for consumers to use. FreshUp’s vending machine models have rich functions and features, such as insulation and lifting tables, which can be adjusted according to different products. FreshUp can also provide a variety of electronic payment methods to facilitate different consumer needs.

4. Service Type

Brand Operator only provides traditional service methods, unable to provide flexible services for customers' businesses and products. In contrast, FreshUp has different vending machine service plans, including full-service, rental service, and purchase service, which can be chosen according to individual customer business needs, with higher freedom.

After reading this article, it is hoped that you will have a better understanding of the relevant issues when choosing a vending machine company and some potential pitfalls that may arise. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the Contact Us form on the FreshUp website at any time.


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