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Academy Service

FreshUp Academy is designed specifically for primary and secondary schools, international schools, and universities. We offer nine vending machine service agreements to schools, which can be enjoyed at no cost. FreshUp Academy provides full-service vending machine solutions, including product selection, machine maintenance, and restocking, to meet all clients' operational needs.


FreshUp Academy
Handles Everything

Provide Venue

$0 Cost Guarantee

Schools can enjoy full vending machine services for free, with no additional management costs.

100+ Service Successes

Providing  vending machine services to over a hundred schools with guaranteed service quality.

9 Service Agreement

The full-service agreement covers management, restocking, and operational services.

10 Enterprise Awards

Multiple awards and certifications for outstanding service and commitment to CSR.

Sustainable Development

 Cooperate with environmental conservation measures, such as carbon reduction plans and energy conservation efforts.
FreshUp自動售賣機 1

100+ Nutritious Beverages and Snacks

FreshUp Academy’s exclusive beverage and snack list offers over 100 international nutritious products to meet the diverse needs of schools.

FreshUp 自動售賣機PSRBriefing.Bradford.06.19.original.jpg

Campus-Specific Features Fully Open for Use

FreshUp's electronic screens can play multimedia videos and display campus announcements. QR codes can also be generated to direct users to the school's website, which can be displayed throughout the vending machines.

Customized School Wraps

FreshUp offers customized wraps for schools, which can be flexibly designed to match the school's image and enhance the campus environment.

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Higher Sales Commission Rates

FreshUp offers customized revenue sharing plans with schools, allowing them to earn sales profits without the responsibility of operating the vending machines.


Fill Out a Form for
Information Decks

After filling out the form, FreshUp will send you a Academy Full Service Information Deck. Our specialist will contact you soon.

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