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Advertising Service

FreshUp offers brand advertising, shelf placement, and market research services for vending machines. Clients only need to design and provide ad material according to our requirements. Freshup handles the rest, so clients can enjoy our services with ease!


Takes Care of Clients’ Advertising Needs

Design Ads to Our Format 

Display Ads

For clients whose goal is brand exposure.

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Vending Machine Graphic Design (Flat Advertising)

FreshUp offers a range of vending machine flat advertising options, including top, interior side, and body advertising.

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Electronic Screen Advertising (Multimedia Advertising)

FreshUp offers a range of electronic screen advertising options, including full-screen and screen advertising.

Time Share

Up to 100%, play around the clock

Precise Target

Selecting locations based on the nature of the client's business

Exposure Rate

Exceeding 50,000 monthly exposures per machine

Brand Awareness

Efficiently promote brand and business


Suitable clients for selling virtual products, such as e-tickets and e-gift cards.
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Exposure Rate

Over 20 million monthly impressions

Precise Target

Selecting locations based on the nature of the client's business

Expand Channels

 Satisfy sales and marketing needs all at once

Pay-per-click Advertising

Clients can use vending machines to drive traffic to other channels or conduct market research, using shopping incentives to attract clients to complete designated actions before making a purchase. This is suitable for clients who want to generate traffic or conduct market research.

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By offering immediate rewards, such as tracking followers and collecting clients' data, vending machines can increase conversion rates. Additionally, the cost of vending machine market research is lower than that of traditional market research companies.

Convertion Rate

Acquire followers, customer contacts, etc. with immediate rewards

Precise Target

Selecting locations based on the nature of the client's business

Low Cost

Lower charge than a traditional marketing research agency

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Information Decks

After filling out the form, FreshUp will send you an Advertising Service Information Deck. Our specialist will contact you soon.

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