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Uncover the Hidden Fees of Other Vending Machine Operations and Save with FreshUp

When selecting a vending machine operator, it is important to compare their pricing plans as well as the services they provide to avoid being charged additional fees later on. Here are three hidden fees that customers may encounter when choosing other vending machine operators.

1. Internet Service

Vending machines offer various payment options, all of which require an internet connection. Typically, vending machine operators may charge an additional fee for internet service. FreshUp's vending machine services include internet service, so clients do not have to pay extra for this. Clients can choose to use their own Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet, or if the Wi-Fi signal is poor, they can use FreshUp's SIM card service to ensure a stable connection.

2. In-Machine Systems

Vending machines require a sales system to sell products, and vending machine operators may charge a fee for system setup; otherwise, the machine cannot be used. FreshUp provides a free setup of vending machine systems for clients and can even customize the system interface to match clients' brands and promotional activities. For example, point redemption, gift-giving, and brand promotion.

3. Maintenance Services

Vending machine suppliers may not always provide free maintenance services, and clients may need to pay additional maintenance fees if there are mechanical failures or damaged parts. FreshUp provides free vending machine maintenance support to ensure that clients who choose FreshUp receive comprehensive after-sales service.

If you would like to learn more about the things to consider when choosing vending machine services or seek professional advice, please fill out the Contact Us form on the FreshUp website to obtain more details at any time.


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