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Vending Machines Can Sell More Than Just Drinks: Hot Food, Frozen Food, and Fragile Items

FreshUp’s vending machines not only sell hot and cold drinks and snacks but also a variety of special products to meet the needs of different business customers and create greater convenience for consumers. The following will introduce different vending machine models that can be used for various special products, allowing clients to choose the most suitable vending machine according to their business and product needs.

1. Hot Food Vending

FreshUp has vending machines with hot food capabilities, providing hot meals, bento boxes, and other items. The temperature inside the machine can reach 60°C, making it suitable for selling ready-to-eat meals and snacks. Equipped with a 22-inch touch screen and a lifting platform, the bento box can be smoothly delivered to the consumer's hands, providing a convenient and queue-free ready-to-eat meal.

2. Frozen Food Vending

In addition to hot food vending, FreshUp’s vending machines can also provide frozen food vending capabilities, such as refrigerated foods, frozen foods, and ice cream. FreshUp’s frozen food vending machines have a temperature range of 4°C to -18°C, providing food safety standards.

3. Daily Necessities or Fragile Items

In addition to food and drinks, FreshUp’s vending machines can also sell daily necessities and fragile items. Customers can choose vending machine models with lifting capabilities and adjustable tracks, which can accommodate products of various sizes and shapes, expanding sales channels.

If you would like to learn more about vending machines with special capabilities or consult with a professional, please fill out the Contact Us form on the FreshUp website to receive more detailed information around the clock.


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