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4 Must-Know Factors for using Vending Machines to Promote Your Brand and Boost Revenue

Running a vending machine business usually involves two main objectives: increasing sales and promoting brand awareness. In this article, FreshUp will discuss four crucial factors that clients must consider to set up vending machines that can help them achieve their business goals more effectively.

1. Area Population

Clients who aim to promote their brand through vending machines should consider placing them in high-traffic public areas, such as commercial or residential areas, where a broad audience can be reached and exposed to their brand products.

On the other hand, clients who target specific customer groups for sales purposes should place their vending machines in private places with a high concentration of users, such as gyms, where selling muscle-building supplements can generate significant revenue.

2. Mobility

Clients who aim to promote their brand should consider placing their vending machines in highly mobile locations, such as Central Pier and transportation hubs. These places have constantly changing crowds and can reach a larger audience, effectively promoting the brand to the masses.

In contrast, vending machines with low mobility are more suitable for clients who aim to increase sales. For example, shared workspaces and cafes generally have longer customer stays and higher shopping potential.

3. Product and Display Interface

For clients who aim to promote their brand, they should focus on vending machine interface design and machine configuration. Clients can set the machine interface as their brand logo and colours to make it easier for people to recognize their brand characteristics. They should also place their popular products inside the machine to enhance brand effectiveness.

Clients who aim to increase sales should consider the relevance of the product to the location and place of products that are needed by the customer group. At the same time, the machine interface should be simple and user-friendly to make it easy for customers to purchase products.

4. Vending Machine Type

Clients who aim to promote their brand can choose full-screen vending machine models that not only play multimedia videos but also display brand or product information. These machines have a 50-inch large screen that attracts pedestrians to stop and watch, effectively promoting the brand.

Transparent glass vending machines are the preferred choice for clients who aim to increase sales. Clients can see the products inside the machine, and the product packaging can attract buying desires. At the same time, clients can observe the product shipping process, increasing their confidence to purchase.

If you want to learn more about the considerations for setting up vending machines or seek professional advice, please fill out the Contact Us form on the FreshUp website to get more details around the clock.


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