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Frequently Asked Questions

FreshUp have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you.
Here are some quick answers to your potential queries!

Do vending machines need a license?

According to Hong Kong law, there is no need for a vending machine license to operate ordinary vending machines (including vending machines with general and refrigeration functions). If the vending machine has food processing functions, it is necessary to apply for a relevant license from the government department.

Are there restrictions on the products in the vending machine?

Items permitted by Hong Kong law can be resold in vending machines, such as drinks, food, daily necessities, etc. Everything you see in a convenience store can be placed in a vending machine to serve guests, except from age-restricted items such as tobacco and alcohol.

What is the difference between new and old vending machines?

The old machines are from Japanese suppliers - they can provide both hot and cold drinks and are mainly designed for extreme weather so can be placed in an outdoor environment to serve street people or venues. The new vending machines can place products other than drinks, so that the product variety would be much more diversified.

Where should I place the vending machine?

If you are a rental machine client rather than a full services client, we recommend you to place your vending machine in a location with higher related demand, for example if you are selling cleaning products you can place your machine in houses estates, or if you are selling local foods then can place in commercial buildings, etc.

Can fragile items be sold in a vending machine?

The models of FreshUp Featured Series have an elevator lift function, so the lift can prevent products from falling from high altitude, therefore safe to be sold in a vending machine.

Can I sell frozen supplies in a vending machine?

FreshUp Featured Series include models with -18°C freezing function. This would be perfect for items such as frozen foods, ice-cream, and more!

Can lunch boxes and hot food be sold in vending machines?

FreshUp Featured Series have a hot food function, which can provide a 60-degree high-temperature environment for the product to keep your food at a suitable eating temperature. Since the hot food function vending machine is also accompanied by a lifting function, this helps your products to be better protected.

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