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4 Objectives to Consider When Using Vending Machines for Business Promotion

When using vending machine advertising services, customers must carefully consider their advertising goals to achieve the desired results. In this blog, FreshUp will outline the four key advertising goals to help clients better understand the role of vending machine advertising.

1. Brand Exposure

If a customer wishes to increase brand awareness, recognition, and consciousness, brand exposure should be the primary advertising goal. The aim is to make the public familiar with the company logo, message, and products. When brand exposure increases, the public becomes aware of and remembers the brand, making it their preferred choice when purchasing related products. For more information, refer to our article “5 Unique Advantages of Vending Machine Advertising Services offered by FreshUp.”

2. Increase Sales

If a customer’s business products are virtual, such as electronic tickets or gift cards, which are usually limited by sales channels, increasing product sales becomes the most important advertising goal. Electronic vending can simultaneously meet the needs of limited budgets, while also providing exposure and sales opportunities. The 24-hour automated sales system allows consumers to purchase products at any time, meeting their needs in real-time.

3. Drive Traffic

If a brand wants to increase its social media following and drive more potential customers to its website, increasing traffic is the main advertising goal for customers. Interactive advertising can gain more followers through real-time rewards and direct users to the brand’s website through QR codes to leave their contact information and receive electronic brand information, allowing users to better understand the brand and products, becoming potential customers.

4. Market Research

When customers need to expand their business or choose a store location, conducting market research is an important preliminary task. Market research for vending machine advertising with specific goals can help understand the preferences and opinions of the target audience in a specific area and obtain important data on the target audience, predicting the regional market response to help customers expand their business more accurately and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about using vending machines for advertising or seek professional advice, please fill out the Contact Us on the FreshUp website to receive more detailed information around the clock.


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