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FreshUp Vending Machines: Your One-Stop Solution for MSW Charging

The solid waste charging scheme will be implemented on April 1st, requiring all residential and non-residential premises, including the commercial and industrial sectors, to pay for garbage disposal based on the number of bags used. Citizens must purchase designated plastic bags and labels before disposing of their garbage. In the initial stage of the policy, citizens may feel uncertain about purchasing the designated bags and labels, fearing shortages, like buying masks during COVID-19. As one of the consultative bodies for the Environmental Protection Department's waste charging scheme, FreshUp has launched the service of selling waste charging bags through vending machines to help various industries prepare in advance and assist citizens in gradually adapting to the new legislation. Here are the three significant advantages of using the waste charging bag vending machine:

Diverse E-Payment Services May Minimize Queueing Time for Citizens.

FreshUp's waste charging bag vending machine service offers various payment methods, such as Octopus, WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayMe, Tap & Go, credit cards, etc. Citizens can choose their preferred and convenient payment method to ensure the safety and convenience of transactions. The vending machines selling designated garbage bags and labels can effectively divert the number of people queuing at offline sales points, reduce citizens' queuing time.

IoT Monitors Inventory Can Aid Designated Plastic Bag for Sales.

As a consulting body for the Environmental Protection Department's waste charging policy, FreshUp understands that vending machines can meet the requirements of the waste setting policy. Its IoT technology allows venues to monitor stock levels in real time through the backend system, reducing the workload of frontline staff. Additionally, residential estates, commercial buildings, and property management companies can publish relevant program information on the screens of waste-charging bag vending machines, such as instructional videos on how to use the bags and handle recyclable items properly. The machines can also replace physical notice boards, providing residents with real-time building information and achieving a multi-purpose effect.

24/7 Sales Points Assist Citizens to Adapt the MSW Charging Programs.

FreshUp's waste charging bag vending machines can be installed in various types of buildings, including residential estates, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings, storing them suitable for placement in common areas such as building lobbies and entrances. Moreover, the vending machines operate around the clock, allowing residents to purchase waste charging bags anytime.

If you want to learn more about the designated garbage bag vending machines or seek professional advice, please fill out the Contact Us form on the FreshUp website to get more details around the clock.


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