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3 Additional Features of FreshUp Vending Machines Beyond Product Sales

Vending machines have more than just the surface-level purpose of selling products. In fact, there are some hidden functions that can provide excellent value-added services for clients’ businesses, achieving the effect of one machine with multiple uses. Here are 3 hidden functions of vending machines that FreshUp would like to introduce to our customers:

1. Monitoring

Since vending machines can be placed in flexible and free locations, clients may not always manage them nearby. Remote management systems help clients monitor sales at any time through online management to understand which products are more popular or have high demand. This makes it easy to make appropriate adjustments and remote assistance.

2. Advertising

Vending machines have many spaces for advertising, such as screen advertising, top advertising, internal side advertising, and body advertising. Unlike regular flat walls or posters, vending machines are three-dimensional entities, which can attract more clients with advertising placed on them, more efficiently.

3. Cost Reduction

Unlike regular stores, vending machines do not require too many staff or decorations, which can reduce expenses and expand business at lower costs. In addition, clients can set up vending machines in different locations to test consumer power and create corresponding strategies to assist them in future business plans and development.

If you would like to learn more about the things to consider when choosing vending machine services or seek professional advice, please fill out the Contact Form on the FreshUp website to obtain more details at any time.


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