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2024 Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging Policy
Garbage Bag
Vending Machines

As the government's vending machine contractor for the MSW Charging Policy, FreshUp offers a service to assist property management in preparing for the policy and help clients adapt more conveniently to the law.

What You Need to Know

On 1st April 2024, the MSW charging scheme (garbage levy) will officially be implemented, requiring all residential and non-residential areas, including commercial areas, to pay for garbage disposal based on a per-bag charge. Citizens must purchase plastic bags of specified sizes and markings to dispose of their garbage properly. There are 9 designated garbage bag specifications, with a maximum capacity of 100 liters per bag.

Government's Designated Vending Machine Supplier for MSW Charging Program

As a long-term partner of the government, FreshUp has always supported and cooperated with government policy development to provide quality services to the general public. With the implementation of the garbage bag levy scheme imminent, many property management companies and venues are concerned about the challenges of complying with the complex garbage bag levy scheme. As an experienced vending machine supplier, FreshUp can help various sectors effectively alleviate the pressing administrative pressure.

By choosing FreshUp garbage bag vending machines, property management companies can adapt to the new policy easily. On one hand, they can provide 24/7 sales services for garbage bags to residents, and on the other hand, they can alleviate the work pressure on frontline personnel of the property management companies, achieving a win-win situation!

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We provide solutions for Property Management Companies, Corporations, and Incorporated Owners.

More than a garbage bag vending machines


Reduce manpower and management costs.

Property management companies do not need to hire additional staff to sell garbage garbage bags. FreshUp will provide a cloud-based intelligent management system where customers can monitor inventory and access sales data through our management platform.


24/7 Sales points

FreshUp garbage bag vending machines can be fully deployed in the public areas of various buildings, such as building lobbies, entrances, and exits. In addition, since vending machines are not restricted by fixed operating hours, residents can purchase garbage bags anytime, 24 hours a day.


Requires space and power supply

Once residential estates, commercial buildings, and property management companies choose FreshUp garbage bag vending machines, they just need to provide the location and set up the power supply for the vending machines.


Information display

Residential estates, commercial buildings, and property management companies can utilize the screens of the garbage bag vending machines to display relevant program information. This can include instructional videos on how to correctly use the levy bags and proper methods of handling recyclable materials for residents.


Comprehensive after-sales service

FreshUp will handle equipment repairs and maintenance for customers, relieving buildings from the hassle of operating the vending machines. The costs include third-party insurance coverage.

Green Trash Bag

Customized Service Plan, Match Your Every Need!

Plan B

Designated Garbage Bag Vending Machines:

Rental Service

  • 24/7 Operation: No need to worry about manpower arrangements.

  • Real-time Inventory Management: Built-in 4G SIM card for instant data transmission.

  • Multiple Payment Methods: Octopus, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayMe.

  • Maintenance Support Service: Repairs will be conducted within 48 hours.

  • Training Courses: FreshUp will arrange audio support tutorials.

  • Customizable Machine Stickers: Customers can choose to design their own.

  • Optional CCTV Installation for 24-hour surveillance.

  • FreshUp will arrange on-site inspections to ensure smooth installation of vending machines.

  • Replenishment can be arranged as per request.

- Clients only need to pay for rentals and self-operate, suitable for places such as shopping malls, small to medium-sized offices, and shared spaces*


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