Advanced technology to enhance customer experience

Dedicated FreshUp technicians work day and night to improve the functionality of our vending machines

FreshUp, technology, advanced, vending machines

Real time inventory management system

Users can log into our back-end system to track sales performance and manage inventory to improve operational efficiency.

Interactive LCD monitor

Enable discount and combo deals on vending machines, play promotional videos, display nutritional information and provide promotional offers after payment.

FreshUp, interactive LCD monitor, Vending machine with LCD screen, Smart Vending Machines Hong Kong

FreshUp, mobile payment, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Tap&Go

Mobile payment

QR code payments would be made available on our vending machines, including Alipay, WeChat Pay and Tap&Go.

Breakthrough in refund technology

With our new cloud-vending technology, we are able to control our vending machines remotely and re-dispense any items that are not properly dispensed.

FreshUp, cloud vending, remote control, refund technology, vending machine

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