Life moves fast in Hong Kong, and FreshUp offers a wide selection of phygital (physical + digital) solutions to fit your on-the-go lifestyle and help you stay ahead of the competition. Our advanced technology allows you to both engage the public and promote your brand’s message by increasing brand recall amongst audiences. Our enormous network of machines are outfitted with many customizable segments tailored to fit your brand’s needs. Prime locations within the educational, corporate, residential, and public sectors all over Hong Kong ensure your brand’s exposure to the widest audience. In today’s fast-paced digital age, FreshUp will make your brand heard above the rest.

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FreshUp’s smart vending machines allow you to advertise your brand and broadcast promotional videos with maximum effect during consumer idling periods. Our expansive network ensures continuous and reoccurring exposure and promotes brand recall with minimum effort. Coupled with our location-specific segment targeting ads, FreshUp is truly a force to be reckoned with.


With a network of over 1200 vending machines strategically located in corporate, public, educational and public areas all over Hong Kong, FreshUp’s enormous fleet is at your disposal. Our widespread influence allow us to reach audiences across different backgrounds and demographics and adjust our advertising strategy to target specific groups in different locations. It’s that simple.


Gone are the days of rudimentary vending. As technology becomes increasingly advanced and consumer expectations evolve, our user-friendly LCD touchscreens open the door to countless possibilities in developing interactive solutions to revolutionize the customer experience.





FreshUp designed an interactive solution for Shiseido’s new product launch. Passers-by could select their favourite make-up style on the screen. They could then get a free product after watching a short video of the chosen style.



Evian is a brand of premium mineral water sourced from the French Alps, and is mostly targeted at consumers with higher discretionary incomes. In addition to stocking its products in our machines, Evian was interested in finding new ways
to advertise itself through FreshUp. To meet Evian’s request, FreshUp was able to develop vending machines that displayed quick 30-second advertisements created by Evian. 60 FreshUp’s LCD screen vending machines have been displaying Evian’s video ads. These cover corporate offices and banks, e.g. AIA, allowing Evian to effectively show its advertisements directly to its ideal customer demographic.


Tao Ti

Tao Ti is a long time partner of FreshUp and has collaborated with FreshUp on multiple business ventures. Tao Ti regularly plays their advertisement on FreshUp machines while introducing new flavours, and the sales performance of Tao Ti products on FreshUp machines drastically improve during those period.