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【2023 MSW Charging】4 Advantages of Using Municipal Solid Waste Charging Bag Vending Machines

Starting in 2023, the municipal solid waste (MSW) charging policy is expected to become effective, meaning that all residential and non-residential locations, including businesses, will be charged based on the number of bags of garbage thrown away. Citizens must purchase designated-sized plastic bags and tags to dispose of their garbage. In the initial stage of the policy, property management companies will need to assist in distributing designated garbage bags, which will inevitably involve a significant amount of administrative and frontline adaptation work. Using vending machines to distribute designated garbage bags can greatly reduce the additional work caused by the policy for the administrative and frontline staff.

FreshUp is one of the consultative bodies of the Environmental Protection Department's MSW Charging program and has launched a service for selling trash bags through vending machines. This service can help the property management industry prepare in advance and assist site customers in gradually adapting to the new regulations. Here are the four major advantages of using designated garbage bag vending machines:

vending machine MSW charging bag policy for property management

1. All-day Sales Point

FreshUp's designated garbage bag vending machines can cover various types of buildings such as residential estates, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. They are suitable for setting up in public places such as building lobbies, entrances, etc. Plus, vending machines do not have fixed business hours, so residents can purchase designated garbage bags anytime they need them.

2. Only Need to Provide the Venue

After choosing FreshUp's designated garbage bag vending machine comprehensive service, residential estates, commercial buildings, and property management companies only need to provide a location to set up the vending machines. FreshUp will operate the vending machines, handle maintenance and product replenishment, and so on. Building management does not need to worry about operating the vending machines, and they can focus on implementing the trash fee plan.

3. Distribute Information

Residential estates, commercial buildings, and property management companies can publish information about the program on the designated garbage bag vending machine's screen. For example, they can teach residents how to use the designated garbage bags correctly and how to properly dispose of recycling items, and so on. They can also replace physical information boards with digital messages, helping site customers obtain real-time information about the building and achieve multiple uses with one machine.

4. Reduce Venue Management Costs

After the implementation of the trash fee plan, property management companies need to prepare and execute various administrative tasks, such as organizing and arranging site customers to participate in lectures and posting notices in different places. Installing designated garbage bag vending machines can effectively reduce a significant amount of administrative work, thereby reducing building management costs.

If you want to learn more about the designated garbage bag vending machines or seek professional advice, please fill out the Contact Us form on the FreshUp website to get more details around the clock.


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