Is Your Vending Machine Service Provider Offering These 3 Things For Your Office?

We can’t stress the importance of a well-run catering partnership enough: A great catering service provider not only keeps your shelves stocked and your employees happy, but also provides a pain-free ordering experience, saving you and your colleagues valuable time and money.

Our Micro-market Setup at VF Asia Ltd.

Our Micro-market Setup at VF Asia Ltd.


Here are 3 indicators of a solid catering service partnership:

1. Responsive Service

It’s crunch time of the year, and every department at your workplace is working overtime to meet their deadlines.

As a result, demand for snacks increase, and your shelves are emptying FAST.

You call up your catering service provider, they pick up immediately and thanks to their dedicated logistics fleet, they are able to restock your shelves the next working day.

You breathe a sigh of relief, another snacking crisis averted.

2. Wide Product Variety

Everyone loves a bit of variety in their life, in the end that is what keeps life interesting.  

A large product range to choose from allows for variety in your shelves - The key to keeping your colleagues motivated and interested at work.

3. Competitive Prices

This should be self-explanatory. Nobody likes playing a premium for the same product. However not every catering provider operates at a scale large enough to offer products at wholesale prices.

Therefore, if your catering service provider is offering competitive prices, not only does it free up your operational budget. It also indicates that your service provider is trustworthy, and operating at a large scale.

FreshUp operates a staggering 1,500+ vending machines across Hong Kong including HKSAR Government, corporate offices and public areas, made possible only via our dedicated logistics fleet, professional customer service and our impressive product catalog.

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