2 Steps to Making Passive Income With a Vending Machine Business in Hong Kong

The Passive Income Conundrum

The idea of generating additional passive income while working at your regular job, or in the comforts of your bed seem too far away from home for most. For more financially-savvy individuals (and the well-endowed), investing in stock or real estate are great options to multiply their wealth; That said, portfolio performances are highly dependent on market conditions, and could be daunting for those without large sums of capital to splash on the stock market.

Starting a vending machine operation on the other hand offers a great alternative, requiring less capital upfront, and lower costs compared to investing in a well-rounded portfolio, or running your own brick and mortar business.

Setting up a vending machine operation is easy, however a well considered approach is crucial to the success of your operation:

1. Location V.S. Product

The location of where your vending machines will be situated, largely dictates the products that you sell. For example, your machines may be subject to restrictions on the products that they sell at a school. It would also make sense to sell daily amenities in your machines at budget hotels, or sports hydration beverages near sporting facilities.

2. Ad Space as a source of revenue

Vending machines are great for placing ads relevant to the location of your machine, or the selection of your product. Our all new interactive vending machines come with digital touch screen displays to ensure higher visibility and conversion of the ads that run on your machine.

Have ideas for your first vending machine business? Feel free to contact our representatives at info@freshup.com.hk. Our representatives would be more than happy to answer any questions to get your first operation up and running.