Features Overview

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What We Offer

FreshUp offers innovative and wide range of advertising solutions for advertisers to target their ideal potential customers, and is open to new ideas! Advertisers can choose exactly which area, industry or segments to aim their marketing strategies at.


Promotion Video

You can reach your ideal customers by showing advertisement at selected locations. You can choose to play these ads at our Multinational Corporation segments, University segments or public segments.

Banitore, Evian and Voost have chosen us to be their partner. What are you waiting for?

Machine Wrapping

With our machines available at public locations, advertisers may fully utilize the machine wrapping to raise awareness for their brands and reach thousands of people.

Side Banner

Side Banners in vending machines can help our clients to deliver a more precise and detailed message to their target audience. E.g. Nutrition, promotion or any other messages

Advertising Stickers

These on-product stickers allow you to choose your exact targeted demographics.  It is a great way to give out promotional codes and free trial coupons to your ideal potential customers.