Dimensions: W 98 to 145 x D 80 to 85 x H 198 cm

Category: Combo

Services offered

Installation, restocking, sales reports, maintenance/repairs

Additional info

Standard – 22’’ Combo Touch LCD


Services offered

Full Vending Services that includes the installation of the vending machine, guaranteed weekly trip for restocking, providing monthly sales reports and standard maintenance/repairs.

Additional info

  • 6 levels x 6/10 slots = max 36/60 SKUs (Over 250-500 units)
  • Connects to Internet that allows real-time monitoring for better operations
  • Remote refund available
  • Octopus card payment
  • Interactive Touch LCD for technological simplicity
  • Displays Nutritional info
  • Allows special discounts (Promotions, combo deals, happy hour etc.)
  • Allows your company to display corporate videos & notices etc.

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