Tailor-made shelves with check-out services that includes the installation of the shelves, guaranteed weekly trip for restocking, providing monthly sales report via online client portal account and standard maintenances/repairs.


  • SECURED PAYMENT METHODS: Trusted payment processors secure customers’ personal data
  • INTERGRATED SECURITY SYSTEM: Security cameras can be installed by client to monitor the whole operation and deter thefts
  • LARGE PRODUCT VARIETY: Provide the most variety snacks and beverages options, including many healthy choices
  • EXCELLENT SERVICES: We will handle everything for you. Shelves, fridges and related equipment will be provided. We will restock our products on a regular basis
  • USER FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE: Our kiosk touchscreen and easy-to-use interface guarantee a positive experience for your employees
  • WEB BASED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Automatic inventory is taken, hence we can provide the quickest delivery and maintenances if needed. We use our own 3G network


Instructions on Micro-market concept

  • Step 1: Pick any items from our racks & refrigerator. Each kiosk is equipped with a LCD touchscreen and a built-in barcode scanner
  • Step 2: Scan the barcode of the products with our barcode scanner. Chosen items will be added to our shopping cart
  • Step 3: Nutrition information of each product can be checked during product selection process.
  • Step 4: Choose your payment method. We accept Octopus now and will accept other payment methods such as Visa payWave, MasterCard Contactless, ApplePay & Android Pay in Dec 2017