Freshup has clear objectives and is now a leader in the industry

All our vending machines are the latest model imported from the United States, China and Japan. We invest in our technology and hardware so to guarantee our customers the best available experience.

Committed to Excellent Vending Experience

We are committed to providing convenient, well-suited solutions to all our clients. Our professional and innovative vending solutions are trusted by a long list of clients such as schools, investment banks, government agencies, commercial and industrial buildings, and corporates, etc.

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Largest Selection of Snacks and Drinks

FreshUp understands that customers all have different preferences, hence FreshUp has sourced from all over the world, e.g. USA, UK, Korea, Thailand, Japan, etc to offer over 200 selections of snacks and beverages.

Efficiency in Services

We are lucky to have an experienced and well-trained operation team to ensure our day-to- day operation is being run smoothly and efficiently on a regular basis. We handle installation, refills, maintenance and customer service to the best of our ability every single day.

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Advance in Technology

FreshUp’s Technical team works days and nights to ensure FreshUp’s machines are technically up-to- date and keep on innovating to provide more promotional offers and features to our customers.

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